Sunday, October 4, 2015

A high school redo

I've been doing so much research on design, and especially how classroom design affects learning. It's fascinating. I think more time and possibly money needs to go into our classroom environments. An environment can affect learning up to 25%!!  That's huge!

So I went out on a limb and asked one of my son's high school teachers would let me re-decorate and organize his room...and he said yes!!! I was so excited!

So here are some before pictures:

It's a music room, if you can't tell.


What is all this stuff??!!

 Can you also tell it's a man?


White walls, misused shelves, and lots of stuff...oh yeah, and the trim color on those windows? Candy Apple Red. I know it's the school colors. It's not conducive to a warm and modern environment. Especially for today's teenagers.

The teacher took a risk and is letting me paint and redecorate. I really appreciate his trust. I have to try to get as much done tomorrow as possible. After pictures coming soon!
Thanks for reading!

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