Tuesday, August 19, 2014

an ugly chair and a bachelor pad makeover...


I LOVE to decorate on a budget. It's almost an obsession. I should be up late correcting, or planning lessons for next week. What am I doing? Looking at that chair.

A new teacher at my school is new to the area and had NO furniture. And no budget. So a bunch of friends gave him some hand-me-downs. A set of 5 chairs very similar to this were some of those hand-me-downs. Picture this on casters. Nice.

I'm super excited because he's letting me redecorate for him next weekend. But I only have $100. Recovering these chairs is gonna cost me a MINIMUM of $25. And he has a dated pastel couch and love seat to take care of, with NO lamps, art, or accessories.

So I spent from 9:30-11:00 looking at this chair and googling what to do with it. There HAS to be some kinda cool in there somewhere. I hate to throw it. I'm all about the repurposing. Any thoughts??? I'll post some pictures when I'm done! Or at least in the process!
Thanks for reading!

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