Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The rule of threes

Have you heard of the rule of three? I've always thought it applies to color in a room, but it's so much more than that. Here's a great article on Houzz (my favorite website) on the rule of three.
Can you see the lockers in the picture on the right? Do you see all the junk stuff that fills this space?
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a bigger picture, but not as clear, I know.
Here's a part of my husband's classroom that I am in the process of making-over. Can you see my rule of threes?
1)3 pieces of furniture
2)3 framed pictures/bulletin boards
3)3 rows of 3 cubicles
4)3 shelves on the silver shelf
5)3 poms on each b. board
6)3 decorative items on the cubbies
7)3 borders on the bulletin boards 

Wow! Did I go a little overboard on the threes? I guess you can be the judge! I actually switched out that chair for an outdoor white chair. Not super cool, but it really shows off the pillow, and it's better than a schoolroom chair! And free! My budget was a little on overboard by this point. 

More to come...soon...

Thanks for reading! Have fun creating your space!

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